Welcome to South Ural!

Welcome to South Ural!

Nation of Russian Federation

The Udmurts are a people who speak the Udmurt language. Throughout history they have been known in Russian as Chud Otyatskaya (чудь отяцкая), Otyaks, Wotyaks or Votyaks (most-known name), and in Tatar as Ar.

There have been claims that they are the "most red-headed" people in the world. The long-extinct Budini tribesmen, said to have been precursors of the modern Udmurts, were described as being predominantly red-headed by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.

Most Udmurt people live in Udmurtia. Small groups live in the neighboring areas of Kirov Oblast and Perm Krai of Russia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, and Mari El.
The Udmurt population is shrinking; the Russian census reported 637,000 of them in 2002, compared to 746,562 in 1989.

The Udmurt language belongs to the Uralic family; the Udmurts are therefore considered to be a branch of the Ugric peoples.
The Udmurts have a national epic called Dorvyzhy. Their national musical instruments include the "krez zither" (similar to the Russian gusli (or chuvashian kesle)) and a pipe-like wind instrument called the chipchirghan.
A chapter in the French Description de toutes les nations de l'empire de Russie from 1776 is devoted to the description of the Wotyak people. James George Frazer also mentions a rite performed by the people rites in his book The Golden Bough.

Folk woman's band from Bouranovo village

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Member of Etkon Korka playing Udmurt Music on Krezh

Party of Udmurt in Tarto (Estonia)

old womans from Bouranovo

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